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PhoneInstallers is the one and only source for all of your phoneinstaller contracting needs! Let our site make your company more successful!

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Phoneinstallers.com is an online directory site that focuses only on promoting the telecommunications industry. Clients can browse the website to find telecommunications service companies of all sizes, which can promote their businesses with phoneinstallers.com advertising. Customers can search by service, zip code, and distance to find the best installer to fill their needs. Service requests can be directly sent by the customer right through the site to the company! Businesses can better market their companies by listing services, areas served, and by providing videos and social media links. Let phoneinstallers.com work for you!

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AT&T Working on Shutting Down 13 Legacy Services in SW Region

AT&T is seeking permission from the FCC to discontinue legacy TDM-related services in its Southwest Bell South territory say ...

Posted on Wed Dec-28-2016 +MORE


Great site to increase business!

This site has been a great asset to my small phoneinstallers company. I have noticed a substantial increase in business since listing my company on www.phoneinstallers.com.