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15 Mbps Brought to 50 Vermont Towns by FairPoint and CAF-II Program
Posted on Fri Nov-11-2016
While fulfilling build out requirements set by the FCC’s CAF-II program, FairPoint has completed a broadband expansion project. The project, targeting 50 Vermont towns, will bring up to 15 Mbsp DSL speeds to rural areas, some of which have been without broadband services. The expansion of copper-based DSL service brings services to more than 18,300 locations. This project is just part of plans to bring higher broadband services to over 100,000 locations in 14 different states, funded by the CAF-II program. CEO of FairPoint Paul Sunu reported that they are on track to meet CAF-II commitments for next year as well as their target for 2017 as they “continue to enhance the network to reduce future incidence of trouble.” (Kat Wallace,

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